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The Chubby Gourmet YouTube Channel

We are a cooking and traveling YouTube Channel. Everything here that you will see, besides being the host, I have designed, filmed, edited, animated, and directed. Rich, the host, is quite amazing. He designs all of his own recipes and loves doing so. Our channel prides itself in the education of different cultures through the creation and consumption of food. Our channel also has a humorous flare, we don't take life too seriously here at The Chubby Gourmet. So feel free to watch, laugh, share, and be entertained. Enjoy!

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Our YouTube Homepage

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Go ahead and play a video!

I design all of the thumbnails as well as film and edit all of the videos. We typically post once per week.

Grand Central Station Billboards

We made an appearance at Grand Central Station in NYC! I edited and created the animations for the ad campaign.

Triple Screen
Single Screen

Times Square Billboard

We made an appearance in Times Square in NYC! I edited and created the animations for the ad campaign.

Main Board

Magazine Appearance

We made an appearance in "The Restaurant" Magazine. A very popular magazine in

Panama City, Panama

Our Brand

This is our logo and intro animation that I created. We wanted to go for a look that was fun and inviting.

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