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Château de Main

Château de Main is a co-working space in Moorestown, New Jersey. During my time here, I worked on their branding and website daily. I often filmed and edited videos for their social media. And I took photography of the space and outdoor areas, for their website and socials.


Château de Main


The owner of CDM was passionate about her brand and wanted to make sure we had branded stationary for the clientele. There was also a small coffee area, so she wanted branded mugs as well. It was my responsibility to come up with the designs, size everything correctly, and order the deliverables. The branded merchandise brought an air of professionalism to the

co-working space.


Having a space to advertise, we really wanted to be able to show potential clients the beautiful interior and what CDM stood for, quickly and easily. A brochure was our solution to that. My job was to design the brochure, going through several alterations and then ultimately order the batch.

Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 9.52.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-02 at 9.52.26 PM.png


When I first arrived to CDM, the owner had a very basic website that hadn't gone live yet. I was able to come in and dedicate many hours to fixing bugs and designing the website exactly how she wanted it. It was a celebration when we finally went live and all of our hard work had been achieved. 


During my time at CDM I took endless photos of the outside and interior of the house. The owner was adamant about updating social media and her website weekly. I had to come up with ways to show the space differently and creatively each week, which was a challenge of course, when everything always looks the same. Luckily, even after I left, she still is able to utilize my photos for social media and advertising.

Social Media Videos

Every day I filmed and edited 1-3 videos for social media. It was a challenge to constantly have to come up with new ideas, but it always seemed to work out. Feel free to click through each video to see what I came up with. There are plenty to view, so feel free to use the arrows to scroll. 

Social Media Posts

Of course, part of having a business is having social media to go along with it. And you have to constantly post to keep the algorithm on your side. I would create social media posts daily in order to be able to post every day, usually on Instagram or Facebook.