To make your business beautiful.

Hey there! Welcome to my website. My name is Emily Treu and my company is Treu Form. I started this company in 2019 when I decided that the 40 hour work week, traveling to an office everyday, and having a boss, just wasn't for me. I first discovered branding at my alma mater, Philadelphia University, where I studied and graduated with a BS in graphic design. Next, I found photography, also in school. I wanted a minor to supplement my major and I thought photography would be perfect. Photography lead me to become fascinated with making things beautiful. The still picture is just one way, but the moving picture is another whole world of magic. So I decided to teach myself videography and video editing.

My mission with Treu Form is to give small businesses the full fledged marketing makeover experience. And as a small business myself, I can totally relate to all the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes we forget how powerful visuals are to keep clients engaged. Treu Form is determined to make your business look beautiful in all aspects of media. Clean branding can make us look and feel high end, quality photography makes your products stand out, and promotional video engages and pulls in those clients, so they can feel like they really relate to you by seeing what you do in its entirety. Your business is important and deserves to be represented with quality deliverables that you can show your clients again and again, while staying fresh. Treu Form is here to do that for you, that I can guarantee. 


"Thanks to the talent that Emily holds, I actually love pictures of myself for once. I usually don't like pictures of me, but she did such a good job, I love them." -Sarah O'Rourke

"Thank you!!!! I love it (Video) so much. I finally feel like an accomplished artist!!!" -Johnathan Brooks Brown